Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Readercon 2014 schedule

Readercon 25 schedule is out! The full schedule can be downloaded from Readercon program
My part of it is as follows:

Friday, July 11

1:00 PM:    The Difference Between Magic and Science  with  Max Gladstone, Lev Grossman, Andrea Hairston, Kenneth Schneyer (leader)
3:00 PM     Russian Traditions of Science Fiction and Fantasy with  Michael Kandel
9:00 PM      Parallels Between the Evolution of Human Language and Genetics.
Reprising my 2013 talk at the Art+Science salon at the Tacoma Art Museum, I will give a popular science-level overview of parallels between evolution of human languages and human genomes/epigenomes as tools of expression and communication. The presentation will be based in serious academic literature on the subject, though will also aim to provoke imagination and just have some intellectual fun.

Sunday July 13

12:00 PM    EM    I will read  from the novel The Age of Ice and unpublished work .

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